Imagine releasing yourself from the tension and strains of sedentary office work, be it each week, or as a special treat for you, or your entire workforce.

OfficeJohan offers a selection of treatments from a duration of a few minutes to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing within your office enviroment.

At your desk, without the removal of clothing, Johan and his team can improve your circulation, reduce pain and tension and enhance your concentration and productivity.
New scientific research now proves that remaining still in a seated position is about the worst action you can take to maintain good health. Short of aerobic exercise, stimulating circulation and muscles increases the fat-burning metabolism and helps officeto lessen fatty build up within your bloodstream.

A short, professional massage, combined with intake of water will increase your ability to absorb, process and concentrate on information. Sleepy, anxious workers become happier, more productive members of your team.

Whether you arrange for a weekly visit from Johan's team, or involve him as part of a special corporate day, you will find that you and your team will all benefit and enjoy his expertise.

Johan operates from Cape Town to Somerset West, also covering the whole Peninsula.