"There is no doubt his treatments at home are a great experience that contributes to well-being and relaxation...." Susan Vosloo

Johan strives to ensure that, after your treatment, you feel happier, less stressed or anxious, lighter on your feet and that your whole body feels rejuvenated.

From relaxing Aromatherapy Massages to aide relaxation and promote a good night's sleep, to a deeper Swedish Massage to improve circulation and stimulate muscles, through to an invigorating sports massage to tone worked muscles or prepare your body for forthcoming physical exertion, Johan will ensure you receive the best treatment for you.

Golfers, Tennis players, Swimmers: a massage before your friendly game or important match will ensure that you feel ready both phsically and mentally. To feel relaxed will lessen the likelihood of injury, ensure freedom of movement and enhance concentration.

Runners, gym-goers, cyclists: a massage after your strenuous workout is a relaxing, theraputic reward for your efforts, helping your body to relax and recover in the best possible condition.

Everyone: above all, a massage is a personal indulgence which is an absolute pleasure. A good massage will not only make you feel better, but it is also something all too rare these days - a treat for yourself.

Whether you would like a massage for yourself, or to give one to a friend as a gift, Johan and his team will do everything they can to ensure that your massage is wonderful.

We operate from Cape Town to Somerset West, also covering the whole Peninsula.